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“A sensitive and subtle pianist, David Bismuth likes to bring composers together […] Magnified by Opus 102, the one-hundred and two-key piano, the works of the three composers fit together perfectly here”
Telema of 13 December 2017, by Sophie Bourdais

“He offers us versions as delicious by ear as they are satisfying to the mind…[…] the French pianist’s style of playing resembles that of his Portuguese colleague[Maria Joao Pires]: the same fluidity, the same full and luminous sound, the same natural phrasing”
Diapason of December 2017, by Jérome Bastianelli

“The alchemy that the performer maintains with these scores, his sense of narrative as well as the decantation of his playing, offer with persuasive eloquence an ideal choice to penetrate this music. A beautiful achievement. »
Classica of February 2018, by Michel Le Naour

“On Opus 102, the result is surprising, confusing and exciting […] the very pearly game and the clear and delicate projection of David Bismuth’s touch convince”
Pianist of November/December 2017

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“Magnificent coupling of three French sonatas from the late 19th century, all of which proceed from the same aesthetic where elegance and modesty hide emotion and tenderness, superbly defended by two great artists whose harmony gives us a lesson in balance and mastery. »
ResMusica, January 1, 2018 by Jean-Claude Hulot
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“Un piano « haute couture » teinté d’élégance et d’inventivité.”
“A “high fashion” piano, with shades of elegance and inventiveness.”
Пианист “от кутюр”. Его исполнение элегантно и всегда с элементами новизны

Thierry Hilleriteau – Figaroscope

“Un jeu tout de chaleur, de poésie, de timbre, une capacité à aller au coeur du son…”
“A performance made up of warmth, of poetry, of timbre, the ability to get to the heart of the sound…”
“Чувствительность и поэтичность исполнения, удивительный тембр звучания, широта и проникновенность звука”

Alain Cochard – Diapason

« La volupté de l’intelligence »
“The voluptuousness of intelligence”
“Умом наслаждение”

Gilles Macassar – Télérama